Kicker Substation - powered subwoofers

Kicker Substation - powered subwoofers
Building upon the success of its hard-hitting, quality sound, KICKER® has designed a ready-made solution for adding high-end bass to any mobile audio system with its first self-contained, premium powered subwoofer in nine years.  KICKER SubStation™ Powered Subwoofers set a new standard in plug-in-play bass performance and convenience in a vehicle.
The PES10C SubStation Powered Enclosure mixes a 10-inch KICKER Solo Classic™ subwoofer with a 450-watt, high-efficiency Class-D amplifier in a compact sealed enclosure. The PECVR12 SubStation combines a 12-inch KICKER CompVR® sub with a 400-watt Class-D amplifier in a vented enclosure. Each provides its own signature sound while offering flexibility in today’s space-challenged vehicles.
Once installed, SubStations utilize a quick-connect wire harness and Velcro®-fastened nylon straps for a simple, secure fit and pulverizing bass. When hauling space is needed, the SubStation (both models under 40 pounds) can be easily removed by disconnecting the harness and loosening the straps.  It also comes with a remote bass control for fine-tuning bass levels, adjustable low-pass crossover, phase reversal, variable +18dB bass boost and three automatic turn-on options.
Certified Authorized KICKER Dealers nationwide expertly install KICKER gear into any vehicle for outstanding musical or video entertainment during a drive.
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